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Brightmoor Garden Project - MSU Potato Program

Brightmoor Garden Project 

Growing a Community: Urban Gardening and Farming in Detroit, MI



- The MSU Potato Breeding and Genetics Program has collaborated on this project since its inception in 2007.

- The Brightmoor Garden Project is based on the hypothesis that having a tie with the earth creates a responsibility with individuals.

- A  project goal is to develop urban gardening and farming in the Brightmoor area of Detroit.

- The project concept is based on using the potato as a foundation in the urban gardening concept.


- Connect the community to MSU education programs for urban gardening and farming.

- Continue to integrate our project with the Detroit Agricultural Network.

- Distribute food in the community for consumption and sale.

- Foster ownership of gardens in the community.


- Eliza Howell Park (adjacent to Murphy Middle School).

- Trinity St and Pilgrim St.

- O’Shea Recreation Center.

- Lahser St and Pilgrim St.


- Northwest Detroit Neighborhood Development

- Michigan State University Extension

- Project GREEEN

- MSU Potato Breeding & Genetics Program

- State House Rep. Gabe Leland

- The Greening of Detroit


- Progress report of activities from 2007 (PDF).

- Slideshow chronicaling an overview of the project from 2007 (large PDF ~15 MB).