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MSU Potato Breeding and Genetics

Currently Funded Research Projects


Principal Investigator:  Enhancing potato quality through genetic improvement and variety development, Source: Michigan Potato Commission 2015

Co-Principal Investigator:  Development of molecular and applied methods for control of potato late blight, Source: USDA  2014-2015

Co-Principal Investigator:  Biological and economic impacts of emerging potato tuber necrotic viruses and the development of comprehensive and sustainable management practices, Source: USDA 2014-2017

Co-Principal Investigator:   Developing elite sets of PVY resistant parents for regional market needs in US potato breeding programs, Source: USDA  2014-2015

Co-Principal Investigator:  Development of Multipurpose Potato Cultivars with Enhanced Quality, Disease and Pest Resistance North Central Region, 2014 Source: USDA  2014-2015

Co-Principal Investigator:  A diploid inbred line strategy to accelerate genetic grain in potato , Source: USDA 2014-2017

Co-Principal Investigator:  BHEARD Bangladesh Training Program, Source: US-AID 2014-2018

Principal Investigator:  Managing potato common scab through breeding and soil biology , 2014-2015 Source: MSU- Project Green

Co-Principal Investigator:  Assessing the impact of gene replacement and genetic modification methods in a crop species at the whole genome level, Source: USDA  2013-2017

Co-Principal Investigator:  Unraveling the Heterozygosity, Allelic Composition, and Copy Number Variation of Potato , Source: USDA  2012-2016

Co-Principal Investigator:   Innovative Methods to Breed Disease Resistant Potato, Source: USDA  2011-2015

Co-Principal Investigator:    Improved breeding and variety evaluation methods to reduce acrylamide content and increase quality in processed potato products , Source: USDA  2011-2015